Book Designs

Book Designs

Anna Maley-Fadgyas

Designer of books

Anna has been a designer, problem-solver and artist all her life. She has always loved to draw plans, solve puzzles and paint pictures.

Anna grew up in Perth, Western Australia. She started Montessori school aged three; completed junior high in two years as part of an Academic Excellence Program and exhibited in Year Twelve Perspectives at AGWA. She has a Bachelor of Arts, Design.

Over the first seven years of her career, Anna worked in one of Perth’s premier design studios; had a freelance business; a trip to Europe; worked in another Perth design studio; moved to Queensland to design surf magazines and found her dharma – designing cover and page.

Over the next eight years, Anna – having returned to Perth – took up the role of designer for a university book publishing house where she designed over one hundred books and won an Australian Book Designers Association (ABDA) Best Designed Cover of the Year award.

In 2016–17, Anna took a break from designing books to try something new – having a baby – and in 2018, a new chapter began – the Book Designs freelance business.


Bachelor of Art: Design at Curtin University
1997 – 1999 Perth, Western Australia


Highly commended, ABDA Australian Book Design Awards
Finalist, ABDA Australian Book Design Awards
Highly commended, ABDA Australian Book Design Awards
Highly Commended, ABDA Australian Book Design Awards
Winner, ABDA Australian Book Design Awards
Judge’s choice and distinction, AGDA National Biennial Awards
Finalist, AGDA National Biennial Awards
Distinction, AGDA National Biennial Awards